Integrate with your favourite apps!


Connect your CatchApp account with your favourite calendar, video conferencing solution, CRM, and more. 

With CatchApp's integrations you can link your favourite apps to your bookable calendar, and power-up your scheduling and time-saving abilities. It takes just a few minutes to link each of your favourite apps, but it can save you hours each and every week! Get started today.






outlook-calendarMicrosoft Calendars

Microsoft's cloud-based calendars with your scheduling automation for faster and automated scheduling. Whether it’s Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or Outlook/Hotmail, CatchApp integrates with all Microsoft Calendars!




Google Calendar

Integrate your Google Calendar with CatchApp and get everything in-sync.





Apple Calendar

Integrate across your Apple devices with powerful scheduling!




Video Conferencing



Google Meets

Automatically include Google Meet details in your booked events.



msteams logo - 500x500 px-3


Microsoft Teams

Automatically add your Microsoft Teams conference details to every booked event.





Automatically generate unique Zoom video conferencing and dial-in details! 



Built-in Payments



Accept card payments as you schedule meetings automatically! Consolidates your billing and cuts down on no-shows.




With all the scheduling superpowers for your meetings and appointments connected to's powerful CRM and project management right there for you to see, CatchApp Bookings is the perfect addition.




By pairing CatchApp Bookings with HubSpot you'll have the benefits of a leading inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies to attract visitors, and convert leads, whilst also getting the scheduling power of CatchApp Bookings.




Designed with customer relationships in mind, Zendesk offers a cloud-based CRM platform that makes viewing information easy for your entire team. Pair it with CatchApp Bookings and you've got the perfect combination!




With simplicity and efficiency at the forefront of their design, Salesflare aims to provide you with more sales with less input from you, so you've got more time to spend on the things that matter. Add in the scheduling power of CatchApp Bookings and your business will soar.





We've integrated our super-smooth scheduling at CatchApp with Zapier so you don't have to spend the time (and money) to get the benefits of easily scheduling meetings, automatic reminders, and a private calendar, integrated directly with the software you use.



Business Communication


Slack is a great way to communicate, especially with CatchApp Bookings in the picture, plus it's faster and safer than email. It allows you to have all your individual topics, projects or teams in their dedicated channels, making it easier to communicate with your team.