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General Questions

Does CatchApp support other languages?

We currently only support English for our User Interface. However, you can still use any language within your Event Type’s title, description/notes and qualifying questions when shared with others. Automatic emails will be in English but we’re looking to add this in the future for both user Interface and automatic emails


Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, we do! We are available for both Android and IOS.


Is this HIPAA compliant?

We do not currently have HIPAA compliance accreditation, however, we are currently working on this!


Does CatchApp support API?

Currently, we do not offer API for our users. We plan to make this available in a future update.


Can I have a custom domain for my links?

Currently this is not possible. However, we do offer the ability for custom links through Tidycal

Platform Use Questions

Can I claim my free complimentary onboarding demo?

Yes! Anyone who wants to use CatchApp is entitled to a 1-to-1 session with one of our experts. Just get in touch to request your session here.

How do you deal with new feature requests?

You can easily provide us suggestions for new features directly over a call, via our email at or fill out this Feature Request form; once we receive your request until we receive a large volume of the same request, we will add it to our roadmap to implement it asap.


I just want to see a little more detail on the product itself!

Check out our blogs! Specifically, this one goes into more detail about the product, so you can easily see the benefits of the genius tool.


Can I get support on the Platform itself?

Certainly, each page will have a chat box on the bottom right, click on it and tell us what issue you’re facing and you should receive a response from one of our experts in no time (expect a delay from 5 minutes to 30 minutes)


For more specific questions, check out our Support page

Honest Questions

How does CatchApp differ from competitor products/services?

Our product is more intuitive, faster to set up, and most importantly we provide customer support live 24/7 directly on the platform, via email and we offer to go on a video call to personalize and support the service and user experience for each customer (to ensure each of our customers get the most out of the platform).


How will using CatchApp impact me?

When you get started, you will save on average 5 hours per week from admin scheduling which allows you to get a 30% increase in productivity which includes a revenue boost as well. Meetings will be of higher quality and will see significant improvement in the attendance of attendees. Not to mention how CatchApp is designed to seamlessly connect with not only your calendar but to an unlimited amount of apps through automations, supercharging your tech stack and improving your workflow.


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