CatchApp Public Roadmap

Coming Soon

Adding Documents to Booking Notes | March

| Users can attach valuable documents that can be viewed or downloaded

Custom Reminder Time | March

| Attendees can receive custom reminders at different times of preference

Voting on Sessions April

| Multiple Attendees can vote on specific timeslots

Language Accessibility April

| Users can apply different languages to the User Interface

Reminders Customization May

Users can customise the contents of each Reminder

Light/Dark mode | May

| Users can switch between a light or dark interface on the platform

Recurring Appointments | June

| Hosts can decide if they want the call to recur more than once

iFrame or Inline Embedding | June

| Users can embed either iFrame or Inline onto a website/blog page

Team Bookings phase 2 | July

| An expansion to our previous corporate accounts feature. More details soon...

Follow-up Email Controls | July

| More details soon...

Qualifying Questions phase 2 | July

| More details soon...


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