Who we are

We obsess about our customers, and their customers.

At CatchApp, we obsess about offering the most beautiful
and efficient way to manage your time, and to save your time.
Most importantly, we make sure your customers love booking time with you, whilst also getting the best experience possible.




Andreas Adamides

Founder & CEO

Andreas is a serial tech entrepreneur with 20 years experience in founding and growing technology companies. Putting family first, Andreas obsesses about time management, efficiency, and productivity, underpinned by a goal to 'find more time' to live a life of balance.




Oliver Lamming


Oliver is a massively experienced technology entrepreneur, who founded App Chocolate and Magic Solver, which have gone to achieve over 50 million downloads to date, and reach no.1 in 40+ countries. Oliver hones in on building the most efficient, and scalable technology to help you achieve your goals, efficiently. Based in Cambridge, UK.




Dan Truman

Head of Partnerships

Dan is all about shaping unique and mutually beneficial partnerships putting the partner first. He finds creative ways to benefit our partners and their members and team first, with a mindset that if the deal is genuinely great for our partners it will always make sense for us too. Based in Sussex and London.




Natalia Wilkoszewska

Creative Lead

Natalia has created every aspect of CatchApp's universe, from our brand logo (the chameleon is a smart animal, adapting, and communicating with colour), our product designs and much more, and enjoys creating the most beautiful environment for our customers to enjoy managing their time. Lives and works in London.




Sarang Shaikh

Product Manager

Sarang is an experienced Product Manager that makes sure CatchApp offers the most intuitive, and enjoyable experience. Every feature and tiny detail is thought through to be sleek, and offer a flow that is founded on achieving the most efficient use of our time. Based in Sydney, Australia.




Markus Harder

Acting CFO

Markus is a hugely experienced finance professional, previously CFO at Soundcloud, and at Contentful, with the experience managing IT and Finance in companies with over 100 million monthly active users. Lives in Berlin, Germany.


JackWJack Wood

Content Creation

Jack is a lover of all things music production; working under the song writing and music production alias' Ceeling and Deminous respectively, he's a creative through and through. With a bachelors degree in Creative Artistry from ACM Guildford, Jack strives to create content that turns heads, and attracts all the right people. Lives in Surrey.



SarahSarah Fry

Digital Marketing

British/Australian. A lover of sport and culture who enjoys leading the busy life. Sarah prides herself on her entrepreneurial nature and can-do attitude. Coming from a background in Foreign Language and Marketing with Business being at the forefront of her mind Sarah strategically runs CatchApps digital marketing campaigns that deliver a unique experience for every customer. Lives in Kent.


JackBJack Bradshaw

Data Analytics

Fond of gyming, gaming or hanging out at the pub. Jack values numbers above all else stemming from his love of being analytical. With a Masters in Mathematics from Loughborough University focusing on statistical subjects, Jack leverages these skills to create actionable reports to ensure we always surpass our expectations. Lives in Nottingham.



Leo Kabbara

Social Media

Being passionate about marketing, data, videography, and always being creative in life, Leo is a focused and hard-working individual, always tasked to get objectives done with the best results. Coming from a background in Media Studies, Computer Science and Sound Engineering, Leo currently runs and manages CatchApp's social profiles and delivers engaging posts to connect with the followers of the company. Lives in London.