Our Story

At CatchApp we’ve been developing scheduling solutions for better time management since 2015! Initially, we built and launched CatchApp Meeting Scheduler as a mobile app in 2019, which was featured by Apple on the homepage of the US Appstore, launched our Android version, and also a Microsoft Outlook email Add-in. In 2021 we launched our sleekest product yet; CatchApp Bookings.



CatchApp Bookings allows you to manage your availability and offer a booking page to schedule your meetings and appointments efficiently. Our focus is on a beautiful user experience, and the versatility to be able to schedule 1 on 1 meetings, and Class bookings.



There are lots of features in the pipeline, and you will notice that each month several new features are launched. We plan to soon integrate our mobile app with Bookings, and this will offer the powerful features previously only available in the mobile app to our web-based interface. Our goal is to offer the most beautiful and flexible scheduling experience for you and your clients, underpinned by world-class customer service!


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World's Fastest Growing Scheduler

CatchApp takes care of all the tedious admin of scheduling. Whether it’s scheduling meetings or client appointments, confirming the date/time, duration, location, and other details needed for every meeting which drains hours each week.

Scheduling is time-consuming. Confirming the time/date, duration, location, etc for each appointment, and then constructing and sending out invitations to the appointment, can take hours each week. Not to mention rescheduling, double-bookings, and reminders!

CatchApp Bookings combines all of these steps into one, a personal booking page.



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